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  1. Robert Sullivan (Damnation)

    Hey Guys, Spring is finally here! Are you going to have a “trails closed” policy for early mud season? I’d be glad to walk the trails soon after snowmelt to clear branches and Winter debris. looking forward to riding this season and new trails. Would you mind posting your Spring policy on the MTBR forum thread entitled Spaulding Woods. Can you believe that thread has had over 4600 views since September? Should be a lot of riders showing up there this season. Thanks, Bert

    1. jsterner Post author

      Hi Bert,

      Thanks for your interest. We just closed the trails on the upper part of the network yesterday. I posted it on our website, the kiosk, and asked Drew to post it on MTBR. It’s wet out there, but the trails are in pretty good shape. We managed to hit most of them with the leaf blower before the snow. You are welcome to walk around whenever you want, and any help with trail work is always welcome. 4600 views is pretty mind-blowing huh? We are pretty overwhelmed by the response to our little network. Let me know if you have any suggestions to make it better.




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